Des Hague is an acclaimed executive manager in the global retail food industry who is renowned as an inspirational speaker and a leading force in the hospitality business. An avid reader, Des loves to learn new things through non-fictional text. He has been known to finish multiple books per week in order to satiate his appetite for different points of view. Such commitment to learning and reading has led him to become a very forward thinking executive.

Des has been hungry to learn since he began his business career around the age of 15 when he began working in the food service industry. From there his passion for excellence helped him to earn a career position within the industry as a thoughtful, business savvy leader. Obtaining an MBA with a focus in International Business from American College in London, Des added to his well-read expertise to help him lead in a more analytical nature.

A non-fiction enthusiast, Des Hague hopes to bring any who view his blog, reviews on the most recent books he has read. New business and leadership books are written every day, so be sure to check in regularly as to what Des is reading and what his reviews are!

Des has impressed many with his professionalism, below are some testaments to his expertise:


“Des is known to be dedicated to his craft. He is an innovative, forward thinker with great experience and character. He was instrumental in positioning Centerplate to be at the forefront of culinary excellence in stadiums and areas across the country. In doing so, he has gained the respect of many he has worked with in this industry.”- Jim Mercurio, VP of Stadium Operations at Levi’s Stadium


“For a man who leads a company with over 45,000+ team members, Des’ ability to personally touch each and everyone one of us, directly or indirectly, is an innate characteristic that we all try and duplicate. That said I can speak for many of us who find it hard to live up to the high morale, ethical and professional standards that Des has set for us.” – Ashton D. Sequeira, Regional Vice President at Centerplate


“Mr.Hague, in fact, was lauded by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake when she honored Centerplate earlier this year with the Mayor’s Business Recognition Award. The award recognizes businesses that have demonstrated corporate leadership and service in improving the quality of life in Baltimore.” – Mark S. Furst, President and CEO at United Way of Central Maryland


“In recognition of his outstanding work and commitment to our industry and community, our Corporation awarded Centerplate with our highest honor, the “Flame of Friendship” in 2013. Centerplate remains the only organization that has received this honor and it is a true reflection of Mr. Hague’s leadership and partnership with our Corporation.” – Carol Wallace, President and CEO at the San Diego Convention Center Corporation