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Thought of the Week- Be Bullish

If we listened only to the main stream media you could be forgiven for thinking that America is crashing to a halt. However, like Reagan said best; “trust but verify”. And what sage advise that is.

Right now, after a little research, there are so many leading indicators, many listed below, that should provide comfort that the media have it wrong. That they have a partisan point of view and that now is actually the time to be bullish. To think big and deliver bigger. We are not in trouble rather we are in a period of remarkable growth.

– Unemployment in all categories measured is at a decades low
– GDP is strong at 3%+…3X the recognized, accepted norm of just a few years back and in stark contrast from results being experienced in Europe and China
– 5 million less Americans need SNAP support (food stamps), reversing a decades long trend of people needing assistance
– 6M+ jobs created in the last 2 years
– Right now 11M+ more people can look in the mirror every morning and know that they do not need government assistance in their life’s. This is huge.
– Stronger trade agreements in place with Canada and Mexico awaiting ratification
– Encouraging signs that a fairer agreement will be consummated with China in the near future
– Layoffs in the USA at lowest level since 1969
-Manufacturing jobs are indeed coming back; 600,000 in the last 2 years
-And many more positive developments on deregulation and global security

Right now, my thought of the week is that rather than let negative inaccurate reporting dampen our reality we should be bullish. Having others distort facts to fit their narrative is something we should fight against in all aspects of our life. Instead we should be working on plans to drive growth further and faster.

This is not a political message. This is a business message and it is time for us to not allow us to be false fed propaganda. As a country, there is real heavy lifting still to be done on many issues but let’s be honest about recent results; they are very encouraging. In another administration they would be hailed remarkable.


Des Hague
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Thought of the Week – Violence Is Never The Answer

Today, as we celebrate the life of MLK this is a very timely reminder on how we should aspire to live our lives.
Over the last few decades there has been significant work done to eradicate domestic violence and protect the innocent, and vulnerable. However, recently we now have to protect those who simply have a different point of view. We have seen a political party engage under the premise that it is okay to get in peoples faces and follow them into restaurants and their place of work. That if they go low, we kick them.  Some of the worlds largest tech companies’ employees are going in to full meltdown when a fellow employee exercises their rights to support a colleague. Clearly we should celebrate our right to protest but this must always be done civilly. The vitriol being spewed out and violent actions taken are not just wholly unnecessary it is eroding our values and rewarding bad behavior.
My thought of the week is that as business leaders we should be setting the example for others to follow and demonstrate through positive actions and civil discourse how to promote and create meaningful change. We most certainly should not be pandering to childlike temper tantrums. There is no place for violence in the work life and in our lives in general. If violence is used then there should be immediate punishment for the crimes and make no mistake, they are crimes. We need to allow all people to voice their opinions in a safe environment and insist on civility. Let’s rally around this point and stop the few from making havoc for the many.


Thought of the Week- Be The Person Who Chooses To Do & Be Something

Lip service, the old college try or simply not giving your best are statements that should never be possible to level at any high performing leader.

My thought of the week is that each and every leader should be the person who chooses to do and be something. To inspire and be inspired by others. To make a difference, to lift others up and strive to be a force for good and to encourage those same traits in others.

Ask yourself if you are demonstrating the traits of a great leader and take action where needed. Your team, and more importantly you, deserve your very best.


Thought of the Week – Always Be Open

It is important that we remain open minded to others peoples thoughts, ideas and beliefs and, especially so, if they are counter to our own beliefs.

This week I was watching a politician give a speech whose views could not be more counter to my own. This politician stated what we should be seeking as a nation to “go big, be bold and do good”. What a great way to frame up what we should looking for in our future and from such an unexpected source.

So my thought of the week is that it is vital that we keep ourselves open minded. We can not just seek out views from people we are aligned with. From my perspective, I could have easily changed the channel and missed this takeaway. The reality is if we close ourselves off from those we disagree with then we also close ourselves off to hearing important messages that could make a difference. We all lose from this isolated mentality.

So take a moment of self reflection and make sure that you are open and accessible to those in your organization and in your life.


Thought of the Week – Shaming


It’s seems that the new way of getting your point of view to be accepted as the only way of thinking is to shame those with opposing points of view. Long gone are the times that the best idea with solid facts won the day. We most remember that bias is insidious.

Right now, in this polarized world, it is more important than ever for leaders to not allow this thinking to take root in the business world. Shaming is no way to run a company or to conduct business. Different perspectives should be encouraged and celebrated. Group think is not the way to go and universal ideology without the facts is just has damning. Managing by shaming should be universally rejected.

Moving forward make it your purpose to embrace ideas, especially opposing ones, always allow others to voice their perspective and you will be one step closer to developing a winning culture.


Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week


Final 2018 Thought of The Week

Final Thought of the Week – My 2 Big Wishes For 2019

Wish 1

I truly hope there is less frenzied outrage in the coming year. Yes, let’s be passionate about the things that matter but let’s also keep things in perspective. A bad or even inappropriate comment should not result in a Defcon one response.

Wish 2

Wish # 2 also relates to reality.  I would like to think that in the coming year we do not continue to allow companies to have a free pass for bad behavior. Reality needs to have consequences.

How many more times do we need to read about the nefarious practices of Google, Facebook and others in social media? It is now clear that executive opinions are shaping or not allowing unfettered, honest communication and actually restricting opinions not to their liking. 

There are actually companies out there that care about your privacy. For example DuckDuckGo is a search engine that, wait for it, actually guarantees your privacy. Maybe you would be wise to give these type of companies your business and this would send the offenders of the world an important message. Get your house in order. 

If we can achieve these 2 wishes I am sure the world will be a kinder, happier and more beautiful place to call home. Happy holidays and wishing you all an amazing 2019. 



Thought of the Week- Success in 2019!


Thought of the Week