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Thought of the Week – Enjoy Your Now!


Thought of the Week – Resilience


Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week – Be Kinder, Fairer, Stronger and Wiser

As we enter the second half of 2018 I always like to think of how I want to exit the year? What can I do to be more effective leader? What steps can I take to be a better person and just as important, how can I help others?

Four key words come to mind; that is I will constantly strive to be kinder, fairer, stronger and wiser. That I will not give this lip service like a slogan but actually commit to elevating my every action with these four power words in mind.

Take a moment and consider what actions you can take to elevate each of the four elements? For sure, if we all were a little kinder, fairer, stronger and wiser, just think of the improvements that would quickly ripple through our organizations and spill in to everyday life? I hope you take a moment and put your own “be better” plan together.


Awesome Christmas Message but Better Lived All Year Round!


Thought of the Week – Lighten Up


It seems that in the PC monitored world we live in we are getting more sensitive and not in a good way. Almost every comment and action is being over scrutinized and analyzed for a persons failings. Every situation is being twisted to find the bad. A contrary thought and the temerity to voice it is harshly punished and could land the offender the center of a social media rage tsunami.

The thought of this week is to lighten up and not seek things to be offended by or a cause to champion. Instead seek and encourage all to not be so sensitive and allow humor and fun to still exist in our life’s. So let’s dial down the sensitivity and lighten up.

Thought of The Week & Major Life Tip


Thought of the Week- What Defines You?


This week I had a series of meetings with young leaders. The passion burnt deep and you cut literally cut the air with conviction.

The idea exchange among them weas uplifting. After about 45 minutes I asked a question, a question that we should all think about. As your own brand what are the three things that you stand for? What are the critical things that define you?

Take a moment and carry out the same exercise. At first, you will reel off a few things and then if like the group someone else will state something and you want to add that to your defining list. However, is it a true top 3? Challenge yourself and hone in on what you stand for and what defines you.


Thought of the Week- Be Fearless Not Reckless

Often as leaders among our many responsibilities we have to face down challenges and provide backbone to the decisions being made. At the same time we must temper our toughness with kindness. A leader must be multi dimensional and never one sided. To paraphrase Darwin it is not the strongest but the ones who can adapt that survive.

It is important that has we adapt we are fearless has we pioneer new channels, markets and opportunities. However, that does not mean we are ever reckless. Developing a strategy and moving in to unknown territory is not the same has simply charging headlong with no plan or contingency. Bravery with no brains is not desired either.

Therefore, the thought of this week is to make sure that being fearless and being reckless is recognized as more than a mere distinction. Make sure you are fearless but never at the reckless cost of your colleagues or company. Take measures to balance your courage with great caution and patience for gathering intelligence and listening to others. Be firm in your convictions but not blind to possibility of compromise. Read the last paragraph again and measure your own performance? Challenge yourself to become better and be viewed as fearless but never reckless. Then think how you can develop those in your team to become fearless and rounded leaders.

Thought of the Week- Tip for Life — Make Every Moment Count

This week I read an a very touching article from KatIe Cassidy recalling her fathers, David Cassidy, last words to his family; “so much wasted time”. Four very powerful and soul crushing words that we should all take to heart and make sure that we make every moment count.

Embrace every moment, let people know that they are important, don’t be self indulgent and focus on what is truly important. Don’t let your pride stand in the way when you need help and realize that asking for help if a sign of strength and not weakness.

Spend a moment and consider how you can learn from David both in your personal and professional life and get measured to make sure those four words will never apply to you.