Thought of the Week- Massive Tip For Success- Relax

In our fast paced environment we live in it is easy to let yourself get worked up and unnecessarily offended.

This week while traveling i saw this ugliness at work several times. At the airport the person checking in front of me was ranting as if the world had ended. The upshot was that the mans TSA number had not been added to his flight itinerary. When did this become the airlines issue? Surely relaxing and taking a deep breath would have helped this individual.

Next up, occurred as I got to my hotel. I was checking in when another man just decided he had right of passage and decided that the receptionist was his personal concercoge and wanted it known that his room key was not working and how unhappy he was. We have all had this happen and it is annoying but does it raise to the level of a meltdown. I think not, we need to relax.

And finally when traveling back from this past week while being on the road I was cut off by a reckless driver forcing me to break hard. I had myself getting angry and then realized that it is not worth my anger and relaxed.

We would all be better if we paused and relaxed. That we do not allow ourselves to get so worked up by the small stuff. Instead work on building our inner peace and being more in control of ourself at all times and not letting others actions throw us off balance. Relax and life will be better. Think about how you handle situations like the above and of course incidents that boil up in your work life?


Thought of the Week — Question Your Confirmation Bais

At times we are so invested in our ideas that when we hear a rumor or get an unconfirmed report we want take the new intelligence as fact. In these moments we must fight that urge and question our confirmation bias.

The times when I have miscalculated the error could have been avoided if I had not wanted the story to be true and therefore I allowed the story to be true.

As you move up in your career questioning your confirmation bias will become more important. My thought of the Week is practice this skill in your daily life.


Thought of the Week – Less Rage More Reality

Barely an hour goes by without being bombarded with rage. Not just a little rant but a full blown battle cry leveled against the labeled offender. It seems that no issue is too small to warrant a Def Con One movement to be launched. Differing opinions are seemingly no longer tolerated and oftentimes ridiculed despite a paucity of evidence to support the claim.

Clearly if sinful wrongs are being carried out then protest is justified. However, if you take a moment and explore some of the obsessively ridiculous vile that is being thrown around today then it should give us all pause for thought and reconsideration.

Hatred is leveled against someone all to frequently. The issues are diverse and also growing by the moment. Who we vote for, who we support, which companies we purchase products from or even which media programs we prefer seem to be grounds for hatred. Company boycotts are becoming the standard calling card for anyone who simply holds a different opinion.

My thought of the week is for us all to have a lot less rage and a lot more reality. No legally operating company should be boycotted. Simply, if you don’t like a particular company or their stance, don’t make drama, don’t allow yourself to become enmeshed in the mobs’ frenzied Pavlovian response. Do the sane and rational thing; don’t purchase their wares. It is your right to choose, just don’t force it on others to follow you.

We should encourage everyone to have their own thoughts and that those thoughts should be respected and never ridiculed. The alternative is to live in an echo chamber where differing views are outlawed and group think and the mob rule mentality becomes the norm. I hope that is a world we don’t advocate for or allow to take further root.


Thought of the Week – Enjoy Your Now!


Thought of the Week – Resilience


Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week – Be Kinder, Fairer, Stronger and Wiser

As we enter the second half of 2018 I always like to think of how I want to exit the year? What can I do to be more effective leader? What steps can I take to be a better person and just as important, how can I help others?

Four key words come to mind; that is I will constantly strive to be kinder, fairer, stronger and wiser. That I will not give this lip service like a slogan but actually commit to elevating my every action with these four power words in mind.

Take a moment and consider what actions you can take to elevate each of the four elements? For sure, if we all were a little kinder, fairer, stronger and wiser, just think of the improvements that would quickly ripple through our organizations and spill in to everyday life? I hope you take a moment and put your own “be better” plan together.


Awesome Christmas Message but Better Lived All Year Round!


Thought of the Week – Lighten Up


It seems that in the PC monitored world we live in we are getting more sensitive and not in a good way. Almost every comment and action is being over scrutinized and analyzed for a persons failings. Every situation is being twisted to find the bad. A contrary thought and the temerity to voice it is harshly punished and could land the offender the center of a social media rage tsunami.

The thought of this week is to lighten up and not seek things to be offended by or a cause to champion. Instead seek and encourage all to not be so sensitive and allow humor and fun to still exist in our life’s. So let’s dial down the sensitivity and lighten up.

Thought of The Week & Major Life Tip