Thought of the Week–If You Are Not Getting Better You Are Getting Worse

Thought of the Week – If you’re not getting better you are getting worse

Business is fierce and rapidly changing. It is not enough to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your previous work or even maintain your current pace or capabilities. You and your team must evolve and grow. While harsh it is absolutely reality that if you are not getting better you are getting worse.

You must strive daily to improve and be in constant pursuit of positive growth. This focus will separate you from the pack in the end. Improving does not happen naturally however. It must be worked for. It must be planned and never left for chance.

Develop an improvement plan and review for progress at least bi-weekly. Dream big and big things will happen if you commit and follow through. So, follow through you must. Think. Execute. Adapt. Then Repeat. Get specific and go win!



*Originally published on LinkedIn

Thought of the Week– Be Proud of Your Scars

Thought of the Week- Be Proud of Your Scars

At times it feels like everyone wants perfection and that any deviation is unacceptable and classified almost a mortal sin. This drive for getting everything right also makes you prone to not taking chances, to minimizing risk or showing any kind of vulnerability. This safe play thinking ultimately leads to underperformance.

My advice is to not seek perfection but continuous improvement. Push yourself and your organization to improve. Take chances. Celebrate rather than fear your mistakes. Relish your scars of trying that you receive along the way. Each scar makes you better, stronger and more likely to win in the future. Go push and make some scars.


*Originally published on LinkedIn

Thought of the Week- Enjoy The Now!

One of my biggest disappointments is that I have not celebrated where I was throughout my life’s journey.

From a very early age I was obsessed with running my own business. This was a long time before I even knew what a CEO was. Others loved music and clubbing. I loved learning about business.

I wanted to run companies. To be the best. From my teen years onwards I was in pursuit of this singular goal. Awards, promotions and accolades meant very little to me. A wanted the ultimate prize or nothing.

I was driven everyday and a lot of the pleasure was lost in this desire. If I was giving an inspiring manager advice it would be to celebrate “your” moments. Yes, set goals but not at the exclusion of enjoying life along the way. The most important thing is that you embrace wholeheartedly where you are in the moment and make the most of that time. The future will arrive soon enough. I must have heard this phase a thousand times and looking back it is so true ” do not forget to stop and smell the roses”.

Thought of the Week- Make Peace

IMG_1391As we go through life we all experience many ups and downs. The trick is to keep things in perspective and to maintain an even keel in both the good and the bad times. One success does not make you and one failure does not break you.

Just pause for a moment and look back at your highs and lows. If you are like me, then oftentimes we recall the bad things first. And especially the people we perceive to have done us wrong.

My thought for this week is that we make peace with these people who have done us perceived or real harm. Carrying anger and hatred towards others is unhealthy. Worse still is that we have moved on and most likely will never meet these people again. Why allow them to continue to have an impact on us? Don’t allow them to eat away at your soul. Instead, do something you never thought possible; forgive them. It does not mean you will forget what they have done but turn that experience in to a positive learning. You will be stronger and better for it.

Take this week and make peace with those who have hurt you and move on. This is not an easy move, it has taken me over three years but as I put this in to practice I feel a sense of internal peace and freedom from anger. I hope you will as well.


Thought of the Week – The Art of the Possible


Leadership is all about figuring out and delivering on the art of the possible. True leadership is about getting positive things done and mobilizing those around you to achieve impactful outcomes. Part of the the art of the possible is to have conviction to your beliefs so you can with confidence to know what to say no to, to pivot from or to kill entirely if the benefits do not justify the investment in both capital and talent.

Leadership is about being bold. For sure having courage, surrounding yourself with great talent and then in my humble opinion getting out of the way to let this talent get things done once the strategy is set. Another critical component is to be able to shake off failures and realize that a setback does not define you but actually enhances you.

Moving forward make sure that you have done your homework. That you understand the market and armed with this knowledge that you can help shape where it is going. With these insights you can hire, train the team in confidence and deliver on the art of the possible.


Thought of the Week–The Grass Is Not Greener

2017-09-06 06.30.59How many times have we looked at a situation or a person and thought to ourselves; I wish that was me? To be honest throughout my life I have done this many times.

Over the years what I have found is that everyone you meet has had adversity to deal with, demons to fight and heartbreaks to overcome. That while we see the success of people we do not see the countless failures and difficulties that they have had to overcome to get to where they are.

My advise is that you look at your life and make it better and that you go forward knowing your future is what you make it and it is not greener elsewhere. Walk in your shoes and with confidence daily.


Thought of the Week- Do The Right Thing

In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey we saw the innate good of people as the country, the government and others around the world rallied to offer assistance and help. Unfortunately, we also witnessed the dark side of humanity. Reports came in that severe price gorging was taking place. In one instance a convenience store operator was selling a pack of bottled water for ninety nine dollars and in other instances gas at almost ten dollars a gallon.  Just think of it, people fleeing to safety and encounter this type of behavior.

I like the quote that you should never let a crisis go by but never would I think to take advantage of the distressed.

As leaders we have a responsibility to set the tone and standard for others to follow. We live in a free world and people do have the right to choose but that works both ways.

When we see such outrageous actions we have a choice to do business with people who support our way of living and also choose to not buy from companies that take advantage of others.

Always strive to do the right thing even when people are not watching and you will be on the right path to succeed.


Thought of the Week- Stop Talking. Start Doing

It seems to me that in business and life more people seem to have an axe to grind and with social media a platform to get their message out.

It also appears that there is a lot of talk about making things better and not a lot of action is actually being taken in making things better.

We should all review and identify the things that are important to us and then put down on paper how we are going to make these priorities actionable on a daily basis.

Focus on the important things daily. Don’t get caught up in the small stuff and stop talking and start doing. Results not rhetoric is key.


Thought of the Week- Say Sorry

We have all made mistakes. Speaking for myself, at times in the past even when I was woefully wrong I have been known to be in denial and thought off reality to own up. At other times I have shrugged the mishap away by stating that it was out of concern for doing the right thing.looking back this was definitely an growth opportunity area. Both excuses are really no excuse.

I would have been better to have just genuinely owned whatever the “it” was and offered a heart felt apology.

Moving forward make sure that you are big enough to immediately own your wrongs and move on accepting responsibility and say you are sorry. A few small words but ones that can have enormous impact. Don’t let pride or ego get in the way. There are no do overs in life but the most important lesson is that you learn from your experiences and evolve. If you do this then you can modify future behavior and be a better future you. After all, the goal is that we continuously improve.


Thought of the Week- Rage Spiral Free Zone

In the new social media enabled world we live in it gets easier by the day for rage to surface and spiral out of control with a lunch mob mentality driving the narrative. The scarier thought is that it could be any issue at anytime that is taken up that allegedly offends someone somewhere.

In business it is imperative that this type of mob mentality does not breed and pull down an organization. Today, every organization needs to have given thought to how they can protect their good name. As the quote goes, it takes thirty years to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it. Don’t allow a false narrative to cause you harm.

From my perspective, communication is key and coddling should not be on the menu. If coddling does play a role know that you most likely will eventually find yourself being served up as well.

In the workplace it is critical that we all play by the rules and the #1 rule should be ; get the facts. Oftentimes a surge of emotion on a issue spreads like wildfire but the issue does not square with the facts.

Moving forward make it unacceptable for anyone to be judge, jury and executioner. We owe it to ourselves and our company to be candid, to be transparent and to provide a no rage spiral environment. Think about this the next time you encounter a story and pause and think about how you react? It is easy to hit the retweet button and join the mob but in this instance leadership is required. Now more than ever we need cool heads that can diffuse situations without emboldening or simply dismissing concerns.

Make sure that you lead the way and that your organization does. It become a Petri dish for a rage spiral to flourish. Instead use the latest technology platforms to celebrate your companies and the employees successes. Change the narrative to find the good people do and you will be in a much more productive place.