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Thought of the Week — The Bounceback

Thought of the Week — The Bounceback

In life we will all face challenges that at times take away your breath, leave you momentarily powerless and spinning out of control.

In those difficult times know that it will pass and that you will survive and comeback even stronger. Take deep breaths, mediate, exercise or go for long walks to clear your head. In essence do whatever it takes to keep you going except for wallowing in pity, over eating or over medicating on anything.

There will always be critics and haters out there. Don’t let them define you. Instead know in these difficult times that you have been knocked down but you will bounce back to be stronger. Just never, ever give up.

Good luck. Onwards! Dh

Thought of the Week — Focus Wins

Thought of the Week – Focus Wins

This week I was meeting with an exceptionally talented inventor. The conversations on a whole were stimulating. The ideas were endless and the passion was fantastic. This young man had everything going for him.

The issue is that he had literally everything going for him. He was focused on everything with the same level of intensity. There was no focus. Everything was muddled together providing zero clarity and actually causing major confusion.

After around an hour of probing questions we were able to prioritize the important from the nice to do’s. Within a morning session we were able to define the game plan for the next year and capture succinctly the priorities and the subsequent deliverables to define success. We focused on five things and I repeatedly challenged with this statement “You can not boil the ocean. Is this a must have?”

The thought for us all is that we have to define what is important and then focus relentlessly on making those “sometimes” become all encompassing in our thoughts and actions.

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Thought of the Week–Loyalty & Conviction

Thought of the Week- Loyalty and Conviction

Loyalty and conviction are hard to measure. A deficiency in either only usually surfaces in difficult times and those with true loyalty and conviction distinguish themselves. Conversely, at the time when loyalty and conviction are most needed you will usually find your fake friends running for the hills.

Make sure that you are not wanting in being there when a friend needs you the most. People say a lot and give platitudes but what they actually do can be measured. Go out of your way in these difficult moments and not pass up on the opportunity to show to you that loyalty and conviction are unconditional.

Though of the Week– Help Others Shine

Thought of the Week- Help Others Shine

This week I was invited to speak with some students. The central topic was how do they best prepare for the working world? The session was well received and the students were engaged. In the Q&A session to a person all the questions were framed with a negative slant; what do I do if my boss does not listen? If someone takes my idea or if I’m over qualified and better than my supervisor and so on.

The advice that I gave the soon to be entering the workforce students is what I would give anyone; don’t pull people down to make yourself look good. Instead, make everyone look good and you will be recognized for being a great team player and someone who makes everyone around them better. Both are great qualities of a leader.

Help others shine and you will shine.


Thought of the Week- No Victim Mentality

Over the last several years there as been an upswing in victim mentality thinking. On a daily basis we are inundated with victim identify issues and people coming out complaining how the world is against them. If you look hard enough you can come up with all sorts of stretchable truths that can get you spinning on negativity.

In business it is imperative that you do not let this type of thinking permeate your game plan or how you communicate. Now is the time to double down and galnvermize your team on how you can be better, special, unique and differentiated. Leave the others to identify reasons for their non success while you think about how you control your own destiny with the knowledge that your best days are ahead of you. That’s the mentality that will have you making a difference.


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Thought of the Week- Perspective and Context

We are all busy and have many competing priorities that can cause unwanted stress. As you work through it all it is critical that you work to keep things in perspective and place in appropriate context. Not everything has the same importance or should be given the same sense of urgency.

Below are 12 key questions that you should to asking yourself regularly to help you keep things in perspective and context. Thanks to Leslie Asher for sharing. Take a moment and challenge yourself. It will be time well invested and more importantly you will be a better person for it.


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Thought of the Week – Maintain Momentum

Success is an awesome feeling but it can also be the precursor to the setting in of what I think is the number one business and idea killer; complacency.

From my perspective when a company is performing at its best that is the time the business is more at risk of complacency creep. When you have worked hard and achieved goals, instinctively you have a tendency to relax and take it easier. Decisions are made to protect what we have created and not to continue to recreate. It is hard to disrupt what you have created and it is why so many businesses are not able to morph.

To safeguard against this and maintain momentum I would suggest that you set up three year goals and review yearly. Once completed move on with the mindset of ” nice work, now what’s next” This way you are continuously thinking about moving the business forward and not letting complacency set in or allowing yourself to live on past accomplishments. Keep your edge by maintaining momentum.


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Thought of the Week- Courage

IMG_0137Courage in life and business is an essential component that separates the great from the good and also rans. Having the courage to take on challenges and find new ways to win often times through a difficult path is clearly important.

However, the courage I am talking about in this instance is one level deeper than this, it is about a stronger element; it’s about internal courage. Have you the courage to stand up and fight for the things that are important to you even in the face of fierce confrontation and limited initial support or do you sell out for safety? I speak from firsthand experience that my biggest successes have occurred from situations where the outcome was not clearly seen by the majority and I had the internal courage to face head on.

In those moments do you melt like an ice cream cone in the afternoon sun or do you remain composed, focused, convicted and rational about your beliefs? Do you have internal fortitude and courage to defend your position and convert doubters. That’s the courage that will separate you. Take a few moments and lost out what you believe in and then put together a plan to make it happen.



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Thought of the Week – Embrace Mistakes

I know it sounds strange, almost counterintuitive at first, to embrace your mistakes. To be clear I don’t mean to go out there and recklessly make mistakes. The reality is most of us strive for perfection and this places a premium on always being right. However, I believe that trying to be perfect limits a person as life is about trial and error.

For years I feared making mistakes that it would show weakness but I was wrong as you carry unnecessary stress around. I learned that when you truly go for things and get uncomfortable is when you truly evolve. Embrace making developmental mistakes with the knowledge that you only fail so many times before you master the specific task. You are a better and more prepared person. In essence the more controlled mistakes you make the more evolved you are becoming. Step off your virtual ledge of comfort and grow.


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Thought of the Week- It’s Bigger than You!

How do you measure self worth as a business leader? Is it profitability? Company respect? Personal accolades? Market position? All at times can be important but the true measure of a great leader is what you leave behind. Have you left an indelible mark for good? For me, it is not about how successful I am as the leader. It’s about how successful I can help make others? Make developing others a passion and the results will be endless. You will build a legacy and not a few years of individual success.

Onwards! dh

* Published first on LinkedIn