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Thought of the Week- What Defines You?


This week I had a series of meetings with young leaders. The passion burnt deep and you cut literally cut the air with conviction.

The idea exchange among them weas uplifting. After about 45 minutes I asked a question, a question that we should all think about. As your own brand what are the three things that you stand for? What are the critical things that define you?

Take a moment and carry out the same exercise. At first, you will reel off a few things and then if like the group someone else will state something and you want to add that to your defining list. However, is it a true top 3? Challenge yourself and hone in on what you stand for and what defines you.


Thought of the Week- Be Fearless Not Reckless

Often as leaders among our many responsibilities we have to face down challenges and provide backbone to the decisions being made. At the same time we must temper our toughness with kindness. A leader must be multi dimensional and never one sided. To paraphrase Darwin it is not the strongest but the ones who can adapt that survive.

It is important that has we adapt we are fearless has we pioneer new channels, markets and opportunities. However, that does not mean we are ever reckless. Developing a strategy and moving in to unknown territory is not the same has simply charging headlong with no plan or contingency. Bravery with no brains is not desired either.

Therefore, the thought of this week is to make sure that being fearless and being reckless is recognized as more than a mere distinction. Make sure you are fearless but never at the reckless cost of your colleagues or company. Take measures to balance your courage with great caution and patience for gathering intelligence and listening to others. Be firm in your convictions but not blind to possibility of compromise. Read the last paragraph again and measure your own performance? Challenge yourself to become better and be viewed as fearless but never reckless. Then think how you can develop those in your team to become fearless and rounded leaders.

Thought of the Week- Tip for Life — Make Every Moment Count

This week I read an a very touching article from KatIe Cassidy recalling her fathers, David Cassidy, last words to his family; “so much wasted time”. Four very powerful and soul crushing words that we should all take to heart and make sure that we make every moment count.

Embrace every moment, let people know that they are important, don’t be self indulgent and focus on what is truly important. Don’t let your pride stand in the way when you need help and realize that asking for help if a sign of strength and not weakness.

Spend a moment and consider how you can learn from David both in your personal and professional life and get measured to make sure those four words will never apply to you.


Thought of the Week- know when to stop

This trait has multiple applications

From a sales perspective when you have got the order you need to know when to stop talking.

From a strategic perspective you need to know when to stop pursuing a target when the opportunity no longer justifies the financial and/or human investment.

From a leadership perspective you need to know when to stop controlling and empower

From a personal perspective you need to know when to stop digging when you are at fault.

Take a moment and examine yourself and challenge yourself to know that you know when to stop and lead yourself and your department or organization.


Thought of the Week- massive tip for Success- Relax


In our fast paced environment we live in it is easy to let yourself get worked up and unnecessarily offended.

This week while traveling i saw this ugliness at work several times. At the airport the person checking in front of me was ranting as if the world had ended. The upshot was that the mans TSA number had not been added to his flight itinerary. When did this become the airlines issue? Surely relaxing and taking a deep breath would have helped this individual.

Next up, occurred as I got to my hotel. I was checking in when another man just decided he had right of passage and decided that the receptionist was his personal concercoge and wanted it known that his room key was not working and how unhappy he was. We have all had this happen and it is annoying but does it raise to the level of a meltdown. I think not, we need to relax.

And finally when traveling back from this past week while being on the road I was cut off by a reckless driver forcing me to break hard. I had myself getting angry and then realized that it is not worth my anger and relaxed.

We would all be better if we paused and relaxed. That we do not allow ourselves to get so worked up by the small stuff. Instead work on building our inner peace and being more in control of ourself at all times and not letting others actions throw us off balance. Relax and life will be better. Think about how you handle situations like the above and of course incidents that boil up in your work life?


Thought Leadership Series


Thought of the Week – You’re Beautiful

Saw this wonderful sign stuck to the back of an old cash register at a breakfast dinner while traveling this week through Wyoming. The sign is small but carries a powerful message. Let’s remember to feel beautiful and commit to making others feel beautiful. Onwards! Dh

Thought Leadership Series


Thought Leadership Series


Thought of the Week- Be Kind

Recently there seems to have been an noticeable increase in the number of suicides. For years there has certainly been a crisis that is building around mental health issues in general.

In business, we are not isolated from these problems. Mental health issues simply don’t stop outside the business doors. They walk in with us and need to be dealt with. I would encourage every organization to review their healthcare policies and try wherever to add counseling and other services that could have a positive impact.

My thought of the Week is that we should all practice kindness. It is true that at times the world seems to be unfair and chews you up and spits you out but make but even when you are challenged make a conscious decision to still be kind to those around you. Better yet, work from the premise that we never know the problems that another person is facing or battles they are fighting. So always be kind.

Just maybe it is your sole act of kindness that actually saves another human being. Now that is something we should all strive for. Win through kindness.