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Thought of the Week – Nothing is Given, It’s Earned

When I look back of my career I thank the many friends who encouraged, pushed and coached me. A little tongue in cheek I thank the not so friendly who tried to derail me, isolate me or offended me. For different reasons all parties have helped me.

However the thought of the week is nothing is given, it is earned. That while others have helped me along my path I myself had to put the hard work in, dedicate endless hours, studied extensively, learned from my mistakes, adapted and had the courage to face my own fears in times of adversity.

A future leaders mindset is that nothing is given it is earned. Go get it.



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Thought of the Week- Triggering

There has be a lot of print, media and discussion, way beyond the point of ad nauseum, dedicated to this recent phenomenon; triggering. It is the rage in academia and education in general and from my perspective doing real damage with micro aggression identification becoming a sport and not the fun kind. It appears that we are not preparing our youth for success in the world nor are we helping society in general. We can and should disagree without a triggering episode. Holding differing thoughts should be encouraged and in fact celebrated. It is time that we took back the narrative and outline what triggering really looks like in the real business world. Below are the Top 10 THINGS that SHOULD TRIGGER

10- You’re are late for an appointment or meeting

9- You not do the work

8- You do not care enough about your career or company

7- You blame others for your lack of performance

6- you approach each day has a slack day

5- You ridicule others that want to advance

4- You think others should pander to you

3- if you think that a different point of view is not normal and causes distress

2- if you believe everyone should get a medal or award merely for participation

1- you do not respect yourself or others.

Thought of the Week – We Are One Slip Away, Be Terrified.

Right now in life and business we are all tragically one slip away from our total destruction.

One misplaced word or action and you can find yourself electronically decapitated, your life in ruins and your career in tatters. An apology is seemingly unacceptable and always ridiculed. It does not matter how sincere the apology or how minor the offense. A full blown attack is the only sanctioned action. We are living in a zero tolerant age where it seems everyone wants to play judge and jury. I hope this terrifies you as much as it does me.

My thought of the week is that the best way to pull back from the one slip away world is for everyone to practice self reflection. To first change ourselves and judge ourselves as harshly as we seek to judge others. Self examination is the only practice that could possibly save us from continuing on this destructive path. If we have to first walk the talk then maybe we would live in a more tolerant, forgiving and welcoming world where we do not live one step away from destruction. Let’s demand this the next time an offender is targeted.


Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week – Enough of the Hatred

Freedom of thought is more at risk than ever before. Everywhere we turn we are being bombarded with special interest concerns that oftentimes morph out of control. The fact is if you embrace an ideology there is no room for nuance or disagreement. Alarmingly the punishment is not only to be fired but to be actually physically attacked.

This week I was sickened to see a widower of a fallen NYPD officer who gave his life aiding others in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack being screamed at by an ugly mob in Portland. “I’m glad your husband was killed” and worse are not the words this woman should ever have heard screamed at her by an angry young man, a person who is actually enjoying the benefits of the sacrifice that so many have made.

As business leaders this is just one instance of how we need to set an example and bring an end to such vile behavior. We need to take a stand and simply state ENOUGH! . No one in our organizations should condone such behavior. We should no longer tolerate hatred to breed this way. After all, the vast majority of citizens are employed and therefore companies have the largest potential to shape a positive agenda. This is not an issue for the government to solve. We ourselves can solve this.



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Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week – Do What You Are Good At

In life we are not short of people giving their opinions, some warranted, and many not. Frequently I have heard people when giving career advise that people should follow their passions.

My thought of the week is to do what you are good at and pursue aggressively. If this matches your passion then all the better. However, I have found that your passions do not necessarily translate to what we are the very best at. I have a passion for sports but beating Federer on the court is likely to never happen, not even in my dreams. Talent is the missing component that must also be a key part of the equation.

Take a moment and consider what you are passionate about and what you are good at? Are your talents aligned accordingly?


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Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week – Sunshine Is The Best Disinfectant

The headline is a great mantra to work and live by, it provides a consistent standard to hold others and ourself to and is absolutely a way to provide transparency.

How many times have we heard that sunshine is the best disinfectant? The questioner is always asking that of others. However, my thought of the week is that every person and company should first shine light on their practices before focusing our attention elsewhere. Don’t judge others until you have judged yourself. If we are being truthful, we all have a lot of work to do.

Just stop for a moment. We spend so much of our time judging, questioning ridiculing, often attacking and sometimes demeaning others motives. Illuminating others missteps has become a blood sport. From my perspective, we would be better served to spend time on actually evaluating and taking corrective action on the most important thing in our own life’s; ourselves.

It would be awesome to see a focus on self improvement and being positive to others rather than simply exposing the many faults of others. Expose ourselves to sunlight and grow from the experience. Disinfect our own home first before applying self righteous standards that we do not meet ourselves on others.

Let’s take a time out from hatred and show a little love. Start with yourselves and than spread wide. I hope we get to spread far.


Thought of the Week