“There are those who wait for direction and those that create direction.” – Des Hague

When I think about what makes a stand out leader, anticipation comes to mind more and more. Not anticipation as in someone waiting to receive something but anticipation, as in you are seeing a need, and then taking action.

This trait is becoming more and more important as we enter in to a new era of business. Things are changing so rapidly that it is imperative that today’s successful executives have to be able to anticipate and then mobilize. Those that do will win and those that don’t will very quickly become less relevant.

A good exercise is for your to ask your senior management team to mentor aspiring managers in the organization. I would recommend that you ask them to annually prepare a comprehensive swot analysis of the company and the industry. This will force to build up their anticipation skill set and has the added value of ensuring that you too never stop learning.


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