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Second Thought of the Week- We Are Better Together

This week, in the face of much adversity and to be be honest the petty bickering and gotcha culture of the media, I feel it appropriate to send out a second thought of the week.

In truth it is more of a plea and it is this- we we are better together than divided. Matt Gutermuth, my good friend, colleague and advisor ends each of his email messages with the phrase “ TOGETHER….we will accomplish great things! “ And how incredibly insightful and powerful those words are right now.

Working together we can do so much more than being at odds with one another. Right now, we need to pull together and show universal personal leadership. It starts with each of us having the singular agenda – getting our world back on track.

We need problem solvers not finger pointers. These are dangerous times and the stakes have never been higher. Press and media with an agenda should be rejected. The world has literally stopped, we need to start it again. How we do that we get to decide.

So let’s chose wisely and my hope is that you join me in being a positive force. The future is what we are fighting for.

We are living in crazy times but please remember that now more than ever is the time to pull together.


Thought of the week- Lessons Learned through the Crisis


My thought is that In every adversity we ever face we can never lose if we learn from the experience.

During the recent crisis we have seen our previous norms challenged. Whole manufacturing plants have achieved in weeks what had previously taken several months or even years. The same is true in many other industries.

My thought of the week is that as business leaders we need to do a deep dive on our business. The prevailing thought is that there is going to be an increase in the number of companies filing for bankruptcy with once venerable brands emerging vulnerable. Our very survival and livelihoods are at stake. That may sound dramatic but it is true.

Constructively challenging how we operate is more essential than ever; is there a faster, better and more productive way of doing things? Every line of the p&l must be put under the microscope. Nothing should be off limits. Sitting on our hands and doing nothing should not be tolerated and comes with a serious health warning.

The goal is to cut our own red tape and find creative and better ways of doing business and to re-emerge more successful. Now that’s a beautiful goal but vital as our very existence is at stake. Learn Forward.


Thought of the Week – Spring clean your head


This time of the year it is a great practice to declutter your life and do some spring cleaning. Most of time we think about spring cleaning our homes. However, one of the most important things that we can spring clean is our minds. The amount of irrelevant information we store for replay is staggering.

The big three items for mind spring cleaning from my perspective are ;

1- discard mistakes; it is pointless to playback past mistakes. It keeps you anchored in the past and paralyses positive growth. Learn from them and move on.

2- toss old grudges; as the saying goes with revenge we should dig two graves – for you and them. Forgive but never forget.

3- let go on to what could have been; the past is history and whatever you are holding on to did not materialize for whatever reason. Focus on the future and what can be.

Good luck with your mind spring cleaning and here’s to better and more focused times ahead. And remember sweep hard for best results.


Thought of the Week- Give Thanks


In the middle of a crisis it is wise to remind ourselves that this moment will pass, and that while thIngs are bleak they will get better. Keeping the faith is vital as is giving thanks.

Please take a moment and give thanks to those in your life who make a difference. Your words of encouragement right now could be more important than you will ever know. Reach out and share them.

To all those in my network who cheer me on I humbly thank you all.

Here’s to winning and giving thanks together.


Thought of the Week- Getting to a Better Place.


One thing for sure is that in any crisis there is panic and fear all around us. The COVID-19 pandemic and the chaos it has brought is no different and at times has brought out the very worst out in us.

Today, the narrative is that we must embrace the new normal. To me this is a defeatist attitude. Yes, we must accept the current reality but we must not be resigned to believing it is permanent.

My thought of the week is that that we must demand that today’s reality is temporary and not permanent. We must never succumb to fear and merely give in to panic. Instead we must push forward and create a better future, innovate our way out of the current situation and never allow today’s challenges to be seen as the new normal. Today is not a fixed position. Today, is the starting point of getting to a better place.


Thought of the Week- Turn The Volume down


We all need to learn to turn the volume down. I’m not talking about the TV. I’m talking about turning down the volume in our most important device; our head.

In today’s world we are inundated with information, bombarded with requests, pressing issues to resolve and then we have the mundane to deal with. There is constant incoming. At times it is overwhelming.

My thought of the week is that we have to learn to turn our own volume down. We need to calm our thoughts and focus on what really matters. There will always be more to do and take care of. That’s what leadership is about. Even though we signed up for the role and the responsibility that comes with it we must also realize that if we view everything as important then nothing is truly important.

I have found that carving out personal time every day even if it is 30 minutes really helps. Take that time and meditate, breath, go for a walk or simply have a quiet moment. The calming of your own head could be one of your biggest differentiators.


Thought of the Week- Get Over Ourselves

Former President Obama states this sentiment best while giving a speech recently in Chicago. To paraphrase the president, “people need to get over themselves. That we live in a complicated world where everyone’s actions are far from perfect, mistakes will be made but that does not mean that they do not do good.”

These truly sage words power my thought of the week that we really need to get over ourselves. Make sure that you do not tolerate a cancel, boycott or join in on any social media attacks of others.

A much needed breather is needed for all of us on that. Now is a time for civility and positive thinking and unifying communication to take hold. Embrace the good and that will minimize the negative. Let’s do this together. We will be better for it.


Thought of the Week- Don’t Jump


How often do we need to seen people rush to judgement, oftentimes in less than a second, and condemn a person or firm? I’d say almost daily and on social media maybe by the nanosecond.

My thought of the week is don’t jump at everything. Instead pause, get the facts, think about the situation, weigh the appropriate options to react and only then take action. We have to train ourselves to not rush to judgement and being in perpetual “jump mode”. We all say that that smart and productive people evolve by learning from the past. How can you achieve this if you become prosecutor, judge and jury and do so in the blink of an eye?

Take stock of how you can calm down your own rush to judgment trigger? Doing so will pay big dividends.


Thought of the Week- Flawed


While it pains us to believe it, it is true, we are all flawed. The self righteous and haters out there would be good to remember that because unless sainthood is on your future and then if it that is; you will lake mistakes, crash and burn, let yourself and others down and not live up to your own expectations at some point.

So the thought of the week is what do you do after you realize that you are in fact flawed? You can choose to hide in shame or acxept that you have screwed up and work out your own get unflawed plan.

I suggest that you choose the later and as long as we learn from our setbacks and move forward being the best version of yourself you can be.


Thought of the Week- Just Getting Started!

Conventional wisdom has it that we humans have reached our peak or so says a group of British philosophers. This statement reminds me of the time the USA Patent Office In ~1905 was going to shut down; the reason stated we have created everything possible.

My thought of the week is humankind is just getting started. If you look at life on earth being a three hour tape, humans have been around about a second. Just imagine what we can achieve after being here a minute? I predict our best is yet to come.

In business we must push to evolve and push the barriers and spend appropriate time imagining a better future and then going for it. Make sure that you are doing your part and our best is yet to come.