2016-10-31 18.52.02One of the key learnings in my life so far is that you must have passion that burns bright for what you believe in, care for those around you and ultimately have conviction for what you do and what you believe in.

We all will be tried at certain points in our careers or personal life. If you have a casual relationship with conviction then you will surely falter. Plus, the knock on affect to your team and family members around you is profound.

Ultimately, life is full of setbacks and how you react makes the difference. You must put the time in. You must learn and at times hustle and defend your beliefs. You have to show effort and more importantly do the work. Yes, at times you will fail but if you learn from the experience and don’t repeat the same mistake in the future you will be a better person and leader. Failure leads to success as long as you are smart. Churchill stated it best; “success is not final, failure is not fatal as long as you have the courage to go on”.

Have the conviction to go on no matter what hurdle is placed in front of you and you will prosper.


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