Best Business Books: Damn Good Advice: Des Hague Reviews Blog The book, Damn Good Advice (For People With Talent!)  contains in-your-face advice and life lessons from advertising guru, original Mad Man, and acclaimed cultural provocateur, George Lois. According to an online source, George has profoundly changed the marketing and cultural world we live in with his unique and inspirational creative thinking. He has been referred to as  a “prodigy, enfant terrible, founder of agencies, and creator of legends” by the Wall Street Journal.  

I found George’s book to be quite inspiring in a very practical way. I would highly recommend it to readers who are interested in design, specifically advertising.  With that said, the book also offers countless indispensable lessons, facts, anecdotes &, in general, worthy advice. 

 His advice essentially falls into two categories which he uses his own work and experiences from his own life to illuminate. The first is a series of variations on “Trust your gut” – whether that’s expressed as believing in your ideas when presenting them to the client, or believing in yourself when clients, industry peers and common sense all say you’re wrong, or, and perhaps most importantly, believing in your talent when you’re trying to solve a problem.  – Source 

The other piece of advice is “Never give up” and again, it has several permutations. Don’t give up learning – creative people who have closed their minds are, in Lois’s eyes, useless. Don’t give up trying to solve a problem – no matter the hurdles, the outrageousness, the setbacks. And don’t give up on yourself – because really, you’re all you’ve got. And while one could look at this advice as merely an excuse for ego, I think it’s more rewarding to think of it as representative of commitment, loyalty, perseverance and hard work – all qualities anyone in this industry would do well to practice. – Source

Best Business Books: Damn Good Advice: Des Hague Reviews BlogAll in all, the book is a timeless creative bible for all those looking to succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

Read an excerpt from the book, Damn Good Advice (For People With Talent!) 

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