Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week – Honor

The totally unacceptable should never become the acceptable. You need to instill a code of ethics, of conduct that is never pierced by systemic or single bad practices. You have to make sure that your culture is such that you are all doing the right things when you know no one is looking.

Yes, we all make mistakes and do bone headed things but I am not talking about being human. I am talking about dishonorable practices that allow others to harm or be harmed.

Make a practice of doing the right thing even when people are not watching and you will be on the right track.


Thought of the Week – Self Care

Today we are inundated with issue after issue. The majority of these are social issues but they all bleed in to business.

We hear about child care, Medicare, and health care or lack there of. From my perspective, the greatest care one can have is self care. To me this is ones ability to solve their own problems. Creating jobs is the biggest driver of attaining self care and the driving component of that is having the appropriate education.

Having a job that pays well is critical. In business I am always focused on growth as this provides the organic opportunities for our workforce to prosper and fully practice self care.

Thought of the Week – Honesty Matters

Right now in our lives honesty matters more than ever. If you watch the news on any given day it is difficult to distinguish the truth from fiction. We see our political leaders vehemently argue that their version of the truth is the accurate one while the opposition screams from the top of their lungs that of course their version of the truth is obviously the truth. How can we allow this to continue? We need to hold both leaders and the news media accountable for what they are saying. You can have your opinion but it is unacceptable to have your own version of the facts.
This week in the tragic aftermath of the Florida school massacre where seventeen souls lost their lives we see that honesty is again being distorted. There are people out there that are disgustingly using this tragedy to move along their specific agenda. For the record, my opinion is that one death at a school is unacceptable however, honesty matters here also. We must lay out the accurate facts so that the best solutions to an issue can be found. Do we have a true epidemic on our hands, is there an incline in undiagnosed mental illness driving this that needs addressing or have we a few pure acts of evil?
Right now, the mainstream media is touting that there have been 18 school shootings year to date. The reality upon a truthful review of the facts, and laid out by accurately by MRC, there have been three incidents where an armed gunman with evil intent has entered an educational facility. A number far less than the media and politicians are recklessly touting. Even ONE killing is disgusting. There is no need to inflate the statistics to make a point. Honesty matters. Anything less demeans the moment.

It is important in life and business to be honest. If we do not get the unvarnished truth without all of the exaggerations, wild accusations and sensationalism how can we expect to make informed and balanced decisions?
This is a key learning for us in the business world. Get the accurate facts no matter your beliefs or political flavor of choice. Be balanced. Be open minded and do not hype or distort reality to serve a hidden agenda. Clear eyed, identify the problems and develop plans to resolve them in a no nonsense, drama free environment.

Finally, for full disclosure, I am not a member of the NRA and do not own a firearm. I do not have an agenda other than it is important that we have an honest and transparent debate.

Thought of the Week – Realizing Success

As a dear friend of mine used to state when talking about achieving something that there are many ways to downtown, to get the job done. The same can be said of success.

Rarely is the line to success straight. My suggestions would be not to expect success to simply appear or that a year of hard work should be rewarded with a lifetime of success. My tips for success would be the following:

1- don’t expect an easy path to success. Your journey will take many turns. Embrace the challenges along the way whole heartedly and keep positive

2- there will be bumps along the road, accept them, learn from them and you will be more likely to succeed

3- work hard and focus on doing the job you have now to the best of your ability. The future will take care of itself

4- obsess on continuous personal learning and you will be a top candidate for future success

5- help others and your kindness will be repaid many times over


Thought of the Week

Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week