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Thought of the Week- Elevate from Contender To Leader

There are lots of good companies out there. However, not so many great companies, the ones that lead a category.
We all work hard so why not work for a company that leads, that innovates and shapes the market.
My thought of the week is that you can not always start up your own company but you can help shape your company’s agenda. With that thought in mind how can you elevate your company from being a contender to a leader? What would you change? What would you develop? What would you modify or adapt and adopt? There are clearly other criteria for success but laying this out will get you one step closer to realizing your potential. Onwards! Dh


Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week- Be Both!

Saw this sign while traveling this week “HumanKind, Be Both” – such a simple but powerful message.
My thought of the week is that in today’s fast paced, sometimes toxic, always busy, world in which we live, it would be great if we could practice being kind. It costs nothing but is priceless. We can all set an example for others to follow—it is our choice to decide if we want to be a positive force for good.
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Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week – Confidence and Humility

Confidence and humility are two traits that, when blended, effectively make for not only a powerful leader but a great person. Blended effectively is the key phrase here. We have all seen the consequences of overconfident people. They can achieve awesome short term results but success is usually not sustainable and building a winning team culture is even rarer. Often times they adopt a win at any cost approach that leads to burnout, organizational fatigue and a lack of trust.  Confidence will only get you so far and overconfidence will ultimately break you and negatively impact your team.
My thought of the week for those entering the workplace or working through the ranks is that confidence is an essential trait to develop and project. However, one’s effectiveness multiplies when you combine positive confidence with humility. Humility allows you to empower and to instill confidence in all those around you.  It will serve you well to recognize early in your career that you do not need to have all the answers.  It is okay to delegate, to not feel you are the only one capable of  getting the job done.  Most importantly, you must recognize that you can be vulnerable and actually ask for help. Search for ways to develop your humility and demonstrate confidence to maximize your effectiveness.
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Thought of the Week- Things Catch Up To You

At times we think we are invincible. We think we can take on the world and that if we just work harder, sleep less and drink more caffeine or worse we can simply push through and make things happen. Our guiding thought is that we can make things better.

My thought of the week is that we must recognize that things always catch up to you. I remember my grandmother telling me sternly that you can not burn both ends of the candle. I used to think she was just old; now I know she was just wise. The reality is you can only cut so many corners for so long before you make mistakes or worse allow your judgement to be impaired and really screw up. It is vital that you strive to balance your workload with your ability to function effectively. Make sure that you are not operating over your own red line and that you realize that nothing is important enough for you to lose focus and balance in your life. Your co workers, family and most importantly, you will thank you for it.


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Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week – Stop Apologizing Please

Everywhere you look people are apologizing; politicians for previous position held decades ago, business leaders for past practices dating back in some instances centuries, and everyday people for former behavior or opinions held. It seems there is an insatiable desire to prove you are the most woke.
We have to ask ourselves when is enough, enough? Being on the proverbial apology tour is draining and I’d argue unauthentic. My thought of the week is that we have to get out of the grievance culture, the newly formed hashtag era where no previous position, opinion or behavior is beyond an apology. Instead I suggest a better policy is to take a moment, learn, move on and evolve.

Thought of the Week