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Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week – Impact


Ask yourself this critical question; who did you have a positive impact on last week? If this was a difficult exercise it is most likely time to reassess how you can up you impact? Having a positive impact on just one person could be a game changer. Keep a tally of your impact moments over the next several months and evaluate honestly. Doing so will be a win-win for you and those around you. Onwards! Dh

Thought of the week- Silencing The Enemy Within


We live in an ever increasingly competitive world. New threats seemingly pop up daily and old competitors are  re surfacing with retooled value propositions, all eager to take your business.

You can classify your competitors as the enemy but from my perspective and my thought of the week is that our biggest emery lives within. How many times have you talked yourself in to a bad situation or paralyzed yourself, doubting yourself, from making the needed decision?

It is important that to fulfill our fullest potential we have to acknowledge the power our inner thoughts have to impact our success. If your internal voice is telling you that you are no good, not worthy, don’t think big enough, others are better, smarter, quicker, or simply you are not worthy then that is a competitor you can not beat.

Moving forward, it is vital that we all realize that there is no easy path but we deserve to be on the path as much as anyone else. Don’t allow your inner insecurities and fears to pre determine the outcome. You control your destiny and it starts with silencing the enemy within. 



Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week – inspire

Thought of the Week – Inspire 

My thought this week is simple to state but takes great effort to achieve. Go out and inspire those you interact with. Be a force for good and leave every interaction with the person being valued, listened to and motivated to do great things. If we achieve this regularly we make all better. Give some thought to the footprint you are leaving. Make it a positive one. Onwards! Dh

Thought of the Week


Thought of the Week