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Thought of the Week – Lighten Up

It seems that in the PC zealously monitored world we live in we are getting more sensitive and not in a good way. The issues we are offended by and that can send people in to a rage would seem comical just a few short years ago. Almost every comment and action is being over scrutinized and twisted to find the bad. A contrary thought and the temerity to voice it is harshly punished and could land the offender the center of a social media tsunami scale rage.

The thought of this week, and in my opinion is a big one, is for us all to lighten up and not seek things to be offended by or a cause to champion. Instead encourage all to not be so sensitive and allow humor and fun to still exist in our life’s. Not everything has evil intent. So let’s dial down the sensitivity, drop the skepticism, and lighten up.


Thought of the Week – Be Kinder, Fairer, Stronger and Wiser


As we enter the second half of 2018 I always like to think of how I want to exit the year? What can I do to be more effective leader? What steps can I take to be a better person and just as important, how can I help others?

Four key words come to mind; that is I will constantly strive to be kinder, fairer, stronger and wiser. That I will not give this lip service like a slogan but actually commit to elevating my every action with these four power words in mind.

Take a moment and consider what actions you can take to elevate each of the four elements? For sure, if we all were a little kinder, fairer, stronger and wiser, just think of the improvements that would quickly ripple through our organizations and spill in to everyday life? I hope you take a moment and put your own “be better” plan together.


Thought of the Week- Proliferation of Hope


In today’s connected and age of exaggeration that we live in, a very important question that we need to ask has a society is how many scalps are required to satisfy our seemingly insatiable desire to settle scores or seek revenge? Why is there a burning desire to go to DEFCON One for all issues no matter how small or large. The penalty demanded most oftentimes is out of proportion to the alleged crime. There is a manipulation of grief at play where real people’s livelihoods are affected and careers and families ruined.

We have to get to a better place where forgiveness and improvements are given and made without a lynch mob mentality swarming on all issues all the time. It’s almost akin to our own denuclearization program for civil discourse. We all need to realize that you may be with the mob today but the mob can turn on you tomorrow. Is that the world we want to live in?

To date, individual action has failed to correct this and the social media platform providers seem at a loss how to correct. The haters via social media have a platform now to use like never before and they are not letting the opportunity pass them by. Honest debate and voicing of opinions without vilification seems not possible.

My thought of the week is instead of peddling in hate we seek and support a proliferation of hope. It is no longer good enough for society to sit on the sidelines and watch road kill after road kill happen by the nano second in front of us. Expressing ourselves positively, encouraging others and voicing hope should be the goal and not scalping. Let’s see if we can make this happen. Celebrate it’s okay to be different and see the world differently. It’s okay to be less than perfect and not have to conform to every social cause without being an utterly evil person.

Thought of the Week- Kill Cynicism

This week I caught a segment on tv where the commenters were discussing a recent Serena Williams tweet. You could be reading this thinking what this has to do with business.

From my perspective, everything. First, Is Serena being targeted? I think so and what is the crime because she is so dominate and in the running for the greatest of all time. On a minute basis we see companies being targeted for not supporting some wedge issue.

Second, it also underscores the jaundice that is prevalent and damaging. The commentators when asked if they would be shocked if Serena failed a drug test, the response was weighted to not being shocked. You could argue that after all the doping and other infractions that have surfaced over the years that would be fair.

However, It underscores society’s problem that we are so quick to rush to judgement to believe in the negative. To paraphrase Mark Twain, a lie travels the globe twice while the truth is still waking up.

As leaders, my thought of the week is that we do not allow our default position to believe in the worst of people. We need to flip that and believe in the good.

Thought of the Week – Never Make It a Struggle For Your Customers To Do Business With You

I was speaking with Michael Caruso, a colleague, this morning about the big things that impact a company. A recurring theme was how easy are you to do business with?

Have you ever tried to buy a product on line only to be bitterly disappointed with the experience? Michael retold his experience when he tried to buy a book for his Nook, while overseas serving overseas, no less than 2 dozen times only to be rejected because there was a 99 cent outstanding balance which somehow couldn’t be resolved online. The impact to the organization is quantifiable and veriable. From Jul 2013 to now the stock droped almost 50%. Business’s who make their customer struggle to business with them will ultimately struggle to be profitable.

The even bigger realization is that if this is prevalent in the companies you deal with why would they not exist in your company?

Therefore, take a deep dive of your company. Are your protocols making it easy for people to do business with you? And don’t take a simple “yes” as enough. Find your blind spots and ways for people rave about your service.


Thought of the Week – if you don’t give up, good things happen

From my own experience, a few times in my career I have “hit” a brick wall and feared all was lost. Each time the sheer pain of the moment left me momentarily paralyzed utterly believing that I could not go on.

However, even while in pain, clearly mental not physical, I always believed in myself. I faced down my fears and moved forward. Somehow, I made the recovery and moved forward.

My thought of the week is that if you don’t give up, good things will help. You will be stronger, more resilient and better prepared for future challenges. First you have to Believe in yourself before others will. Start that mission today. Good luck.




Thought of the Week – JOMO

Earlier in my business career I was introduced to the concept of bigger, fewer, better and have tried to honor that line of thinking in life.

From my perspective it is impossible to try and do everything or see everything but then came along FOMO; the fear of missing out syndrome that encourages never missing out and actually plants a seed in your mind that every moment of every day we are missing out. To me that is like keeping up with Jones’s thinking and leads to unhappiness and fosters anxiety. It creates activity but no focus. It also fuels the insistent need to always be connected.

So, my thought of the week is I’m getting back to my bigger, fewer, better mindset and celebrating JOMO; the Joy Of Missing Out. It’s okay to not do everything or be everything. Focus on the things that make you and your company special. Be authentic. Be happy in what you are and not on what others are doing. I hope you can celebrate JOMO as well.


Thought of the Week- Shake It Off

This week I had a long, deep discussion with an executive who is having a problem with her reputation and in particular some unwanted articles on social media. Her assessment was that this was going to have a significant negative impact on her future career opportunities. My Initial thought is who among us has not done something that they are not proud of? I believe that list would be a very, very short one.

However, after digging a little deeper this executive had really done no wrong. In fact, the executive in question has had a stellar record of success running several large organizations.

The issue is that upon leaving her last post a few misinformed reporters had actually wrote less than flattering and even less accurate articles. The facts were not presented accurately and now the executive feels that she needs to defend this in every interview since.

My suggestion for this executive, and all leaders in general, is to get ahead of any incident and plainly state what happened, what you learned and how you have improved.

By far, the biggest piece of advice is that we all need to develop a “shake it off” mentality and move forward in confidence. Ultimately, we all need to be evaluated on our total book of work and not on an isolated incident. No one can be successful by carrying their past mistakes real or perceived. We need to learn from them and move on as better people. Revisiting your worse moments is totally unnecessary and counterproductive to your advancement.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill “ Success is not final, failure is not fatal, what matters is that you move forward with courage and confidence”.

So shake it off and move on.


Thought of the Week – A Winning Strategy

A winning strategy is running on your record. Highlighting The good you are doing, along with the positives of what your future initiatives are going to achieve. It is never a time to simply scream what your competitors are not doing or simply being against what they stand for. So often we have allowed sordid political practices with their negative messages to enter the business arena. From my perspective this has a debilitating impact that breeds mediocrity, ill-will and divisiveness.

My suggestion would be to line your organization up along the lines of where you are the best and the positives you bring. Leave the negative messages to the organizations that are simply too lazy to do the hard work. Stand for something and make your case. That’s a winning strategy.


Thought of the Week – Rise Up


We have all failed. Except for a small minority of us we have also all at times given up. The strong don’t always win. The nimble neither. The best sometimes win. The ones with the most conviction and commitment most always win. They simply endure and outlast the competition.

Remember when it gets tough; Rise Up. When you are fatigued and do not think you can take one more step; Rise Up. When you get knocked off your feet and are flat on your back and winded; Rise Up. When you are staring defeat on the face; Rise Up. When keyboard cowards attack you; Rise Up.

Your journey will not always be smooth. The seas will get choppy. Your supporters at times will flee and leave you alone and isolated but it is paramount in these precarious moments that you stand tall, fight down your fears and Rise Up and snatch victory.