Discover The Big Secret To Unlocking Personal Happiness

Many people have talked about how best to unlock personal happiness. For me there is not a one answer fits all here.  After all, we are individuals and our needs are acutely personal as well.  However, a foundation that we all need to unlock happiness, and are all wise to remind ourselves of constantly is that we are competing against no one. Yes, it is true we do live in a competitive world but your biggest competitor is you and we should never forget that.  Just pause for a second and think about how many times have you looked at what others have and have thought how fortunate or lucky and maybe if we are being brutally honest, even how completely undeserving others appear? Did these feelings ever make you feel better?  I think not.  It does nothing but fuel hostility and create unnecessary angst.  You have to be clear eyed and remember that our thoughts and actions have consequences.  Other’s achievements should not be our measuring stick on our personal worth.  Sometimes our thoughts are even more damaging than our actions as we become what we think if we are not careful. Bitterness does not create happiness.  Allowing negative thoughts to live rent free in our head needs to be a non starter.

Better to focus on being the best that you can be.  Wake up every day, concentrate on you, and commit to making it your best day.  Have the mindset that you will post your personal best and then you will see how your whole being improves.  You are no longer competing or comparing yourself to anyone.  You are working on being a better you.

Strive to be the best you can be and you will be at your best.  And lastly, and also important, wish others nothing but happiness and good fortune. Pass this on to your network and help others unlock their personal happiness. Good luck on your happiness journey.


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