I enjoy my morning pre work out routine of scanning the Linked In new postings. There is usually someone doing interesting things. Learning through others successes and tips to succeed are most appreciated. Plus the speed of learning through others is much faster and insightful and a lot painful less. It me, I find it a very useful form of self development and continuous evolution. Both vital components of keeping competitive and relevant in my opinion.

However, recently LinkedIn some mornings has taken on a Twitter aspect with people ranting about politics and taking strong political positions. Don’t get me wrong, I like Twitter but it serves a different social media purpose. LinkedIn, is in my mind a terrific vehicle to help sharpen our business thinking, shape ideas and spread ways that business can be a force for good. It acknowledges successes and failures, is a great learning system whose postings counters the false narrative that business leaders are about pure greed. It shines light on many of the good things we are involved with and care about.

However, rants about politics have started to become more commonplace. I was hoping after the election this would ebb away but it appears not to be the case. Therefore, I am starting a policy where anyone in my network starts to rant about politics then I will block or remove from my network. I hope you will take the same action.

LinkedIn is a network of professionals who are here to help and not hurt others. Let’s get back to civil discourse and doing good. After all, there are many social media outlets for your to share you non business thoughts and opinions and rant if you wish.

I hope you join me by making a difference by taking a stand and setting a positive example and providing Personal Leadership.



* First published on Linked In

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