This week, in the face of much adversity and to be be honest the petty bickering and gotcha culture of the media, I feel it appropriate to send out a second thought of the week.

In truth it is more of a plea and it is this- we we are better together than divided. Matt Gutermuth, my good friend, colleague and advisor ends each of his email messages with the phrase “ TOGETHER….we will accomplish great things! “ And how incredibly insightful and powerful those words are right now.

Working together we can do so much more than being at odds with one another. Right now, we need to pull together and show universal personal leadership. It starts with each of us having the singular agenda – getting our world back on track.

We need problem solvers not finger pointers. These are dangerous times and the stakes have never been higher. Press and media with an agenda should be rejected. The world has literally stopped, we need to start it again. How we do that we get to decide.

So let’s chose wisely and my hope is that you join me in being a positive force. The future is what we are fighting for.

We are living in crazy times but please remember that now more than ever is the time to pull together.


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