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Thought of the Week- Triggering

There has be a lot of print, media and discussion, way beyond the point of ad nauseum, dedicated to this recent phenomenon; triggering. It is the rage in academia and education in general and from my perspective doing real damage with micro aggression identification becoming a sport and not the fun kind. It appears that we are not preparing our youth for success in the world nor are we helping society in general. We can and should disagree without a triggering episode. Holding differing thoughts should be encouraged and in fact celebrated. It is time that we took back the narrative and outline what triggering really looks like in the real business world. Below are the Top 10 THINGS that SHOULD TRIGGER

10- You’re are late for an appointment or meeting

9- You not do the work

8- You do not care enough about your career or company

7- You blame others for your lack of performance

6- you approach each day has a slack day

5- You ridicule others that want to advance

4- You think others should pander to you

3- if you think that a different point of view is not normal and causes distress

2- if you believe everyone should get a medal or award merely for participation

1- you do not respect yourself or others.

Slaying Dragons – Gain Perspective

The third installment of what helped in slay my own personal dragons and to push through adversity and succeed; Gain perspective. The passage of time really helps here but the quicker you put your situation in to context the better. I found when I experienced my challenging time recently that I became depressed. This was a first for me. It shook me at my core and really scared me. However, with the passage of time and real perspective you see how fortunate you are to be alive. Look at the misery around you and I strongly recommend that you read In Mans Search For Meaning by Victor Frankel. It is a quick read but will provide life long lessons for you. Good luck. Onwards!