This morning while enjoying my early Sunday morning coffee and looking out at the countryside I was thinking how blessed we are to live in such a country. I turned on the news and my peace was instantly interrupted when the news anchor announced that the family of a Gold Star military member was booed while on a plane. Yes, you read that right. The family was actually booed. To make matters worst, the family was on route to pick up the dead body of their son. Killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bombing while saving hundreds. How can this happen?

We have to get back to civility. How could this be seen as normal or acceptable behavior? Regardless if you are for or against war we should never demean the brave that serve. I thank this family for the bravery and the biggest sacrifice anyone can make. This young man gave his life. The least me can do is acknowledge his unbelievable courage and show some class.

It is up to us moving forward to not allow this abuse to occur. This is not a matter of freedom of speech being exercised. This was nothing more that a show of extreme disrespect. There is not acceptable. We should not sit silent and watch this happen.

We need to lead the way and bring civility back as a burning principle of our country. Please pass this on and let’s show respect to our fallen. We all have the opportunity to set the example for others. Let’s act, watching from the sidelines is no acceptable.