Thought of the Week- Take Back Reality

Now more than ever we need to take reality back. There is so much misinformation going around at times I don’t know which side is up. Falsehoods masquerading as the truth are commonplace. On any given day the we are served up a steady stream of fictitious news. I’m not just talking about gossip, I’m talking about how policies that can affect and do affect hundreds of millions of people.

We have heard the term “empty calories” as it relates to diet. The so called food we consume that adds no nutritional value. However, I think that the “empty calories” circulating in business and especially in the general media is much more dangerous. From my perspective there is information overload and on any topic imaginable. The issue is that most of the information is not being fact checked and therefore is not only delivering “empty calories” but providing a platform for false narratives to thrive and to spread disinformation and self serving agendas.

I am a great believer that a person can hold their own opinions and should be encouraged to do so. However, we can not own our own facts. Facts must to universally acknowledged and not supported selectively. Therefore, as it relates to allowing “empty calories” in the guise of fake news in to your life it is imperative that you review and understand the source before you allow any article to influence our future thinking. It is time to question and make your own determination. Never allow others to unduly impact you and shape your opinions. Don’t allow anyone, and especially those with an unhinged, narrow minded and harmful agenda to influence you.

Be careful of where you get your information. Check the facts and you will be better off. Be informed.


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