One of the toughest problems in practically any industry is good employees burning out due to a number of factors. Perhaps the workload is unevenly distributed in an understaffed department, or The 5 Language of appreciation in the workplaceperhaps the employee feels like their hard work, despite stepping up to challenges, is not appreciated. Leaders – managers, supervisors, CEOs alike, can do a lot to improve on this problem. For starters, show appreciation for your employees. In The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, by Gary D. Chapman and Paul White, you can learn to do just that with valuable insight into how people work with receiving appreciation.

If the name Gary Chapman sounds familiar, it may be because he is the writer of the popular mid 1990s book, The Five Love Languages. As a relationship counselor, Chapman is well versed in advising couples on how to talk and treat each other to better their relationship. Similarly, Chapman introduces methods that he has found to work and translates them to the workplace. The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace advises on ways to properly show your appreciation for someone who works with you. On top of that, it also makes the important distinctions between “appreciation” and “recognition/reward”

Appreciation: This is valuing the person simply for being there to work with you or for you. Even if the person is an employee that is struggling with the tasks at hand, being shown that someone is appreciative of their attempt can go a long way toward improving their performance.

Recognition/Reward: This is given due to an individual or team’s performance or achievements. If your employees do good work, tell them and show them that.

Overall, one of the most important points that Chapman tries to make is that there are various ways of showing appreciation in the workplace. Sometimes, simple gestures can make a difference in how employees feel about management or the company as a whole.

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