Leadership Steve Farber explores an entirely new leadership model in his book, The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership, where leaders aren’t afraid to take risks, make mistakes in front of employees, or actively solicit employee feedback.  


Farber’s modern parable begins on a sunny California beach where he has a strange and unexpected encounter with a surfer named Edg. Despite his unassuming appearance, the enigmatic Edg seems to know an awful lot about leadership and this brief interaction propels Steve into an unforgettable journey. Along the way, he learns extreme leadership through the concept of L.EA.P.—and what it means to take the Radical Leap.  In the last 10 years, the book has sold over 100,000 copies and inspires business leaders all over the world to bring Love, Energy, Audacity, and Proof to their work and their life. 

Written as a novel, the book keeps you engaged from start to finish and the ideas and concepts are subtly woven into the fabric of the book. Unique but believable characters, a genuine sincerity in the message and an “acceptable” way of introducing Love into your organization.  Steve Farber encourages us to remember why we took that job, started that business, or simply trek in to the office each day. He encourages us to reconnect, to be real, and to live publicly on the ‘skinny branches’ of life and work.

To be a leader requires that you take full responsibility to equip yourself so that your impact on your “world” will be as positive as it can be – both in the very measurable metrics of business performance, and in the less quantitative “atmospherics” of business and the lives you can potentially impact through your leadership actions and activities. Geared to people at any level who aspire to change things for the better, The Radical Leap is creating legions of Extreme Leaders in business, education, non-profits and beyond.

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