At times it feels that our outlook on life is too pessimistic. Often times the glass is seen as empty and the reality is that the glass is full. So often we take a call or go to a meeting and we are bombarded literally with problems big and small. The whole discussion seemingly revolving around what people are doing wrong and on the negatives.

As leaders we need to change the tone, tenor and trajectory of discussions. We need to be going out of our way and look for the good that is going on around us and leave the cynicism to the talking heads, late night hosts and social media trolls. We have an obligation to lead and in the manner that fosters a positive culture. To go out of our way daily to acknowledge those bringing solutions to problems. Celebrate what a person or team is doing to make things better. The more we focus and put a spotlight on the positive the more the organization will pick up on this and morph accordingly.

Moving forward, catch people and celebrate people doing good and you will be wonderfully surprised with the outcome. Make looking for the good a weekly goal and watch the organizations optimism grow and good things happen.


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