It is important that we remain open minded to others peoples thoughts, ideas and beliefs and, especially so, if they are counter to our own beliefs.

This week I was watching a politician give a speech whose views could not be more counter to my own. This politician stated what we should be seeking as a nation to “go big, be bold and do good”. What a great way to frame up what we should looking for in our future and from such an unexpected source.

So my thought of the week is that it is vital that we keep ourselves open minded. We can not just seek out views from people we are aligned with. From my perspective, I could have easily changed the channel and missed this takeaway. The reality is if we close ourselves off from those we disagree with then we also close ourselves off to hearing important messages that could make a difference. We all lose from this isolated mentality.

So take a moment of self reflection and make sure that you are open and accessible to those in your organization and in your life.


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