If we listened only to the main stream media you could be forgiven for thinking that America is crashing to a halt. However, like Reagan said best; “trust but verify”. And what sage advise that is.

Right now, after a little research, there are so many leading indicators, many listed below, that should provide comfort that the media have it wrong. That they have a partisan point of view and that now is actually the time to be bullish. To think big and deliver bigger. We are not in trouble rather we are in a period of remarkable growth.

– Unemployment in all categories measured is at a decades low
– GDP is strong at 3%+…3X the recognized, accepted norm of just a few years back and in stark contrast from results being experienced in Europe and China
– 5 million less Americans need SNAP support (food stamps), reversing a decades long trend of people needing assistance
– 6M+ jobs created in the last 2 years
– Right now 11M+ more people can look in the mirror every morning and know that they do not need government assistance in their life’s. This is huge.
– Stronger trade agreements in place with Canada and Mexico awaiting ratification
– Encouraging signs that a fairer agreement will be consummated with China in the near future
– Layoffs in the USA at lowest level since 1969
-Manufacturing jobs are indeed coming back; 600,000 in the last 2 years
-And many more positive developments on deregulation and global security

Right now, my thought of the week is that rather than let negative inaccurate reporting dampen our reality we should be bullish. Having others distort facts to fit their narrative is something we should fight against in all aspects of our life. Instead we should be working on plans to drive growth further and faster.

This is not a political message. This is a business message and it is time for us to not allow us to be false fed propaganda. As a country, there is real heavy lifting still to be done on many issues but let’s be honest about recent results; they are very encouraging. In another administration they would be hailed remarkable.


Des Hague
Chief Executive Officer

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