Recently there seems to have been an noticeable increase in the number of suicides. For years there has certainly been a crisis that is building around mental health issues in general.

In business, we are not isolated from these problems. Mental health issues simply don’t stop outside the business doors. They walk in with us and need to be dealt with. I would encourage every organization to review their healthcare policies and try wherever to add counseling and other services that could have a positive impact.

My thought of the Week is that we should all practice kindness. It is true that at times the world seems to be unfair and chews you up and spits you out but make but even when you are challenged make a conscious decision to still be kind to those around you. Better yet, work from the premise that we never know the problems that another person is facing or battles they are fighting. So always be kind.

Just maybe it is your sole act of kindness that actually saves another human being. Now that is something we should all strive for. Win through kindness.


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