Confidence and humility are two traits that, when blended, effectively make for not only a powerful leader but a great person. Blended effectively is the key phrase here. We have all seen the consequences of overconfident people. They can achieve awesome short term results but success is usually not sustainable and building a winning team culture is even rarer. Often times they adopt a win at any cost approach that leads to burnout, organizational fatigue and a lack of trust.  Confidence will only get you so far and overconfidence will ultimately break you and negatively impact your team.
My thought of the week for those entering the workplace or working through the ranks is that confidence is an essential trait to develop and project. However, one’s effectiveness multiplies when you combine positive confidence with humility. Humility allows you to empower and to instill confidence in all those around you.  It will serve you well to recognize early in your career that you do not need to have all the answers.  It is okay to delegate, to not feel you are the only one capable of  getting the job done.  Most importantly, you must recognize that you can be vulnerable and actually ask for help. Search for ways to develop your humility and demonstrate confidence to maximize your effectiveness.
*Original posting on LinkedIn
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