Everyday we are inundated with questions, new situations, issues both real and perceived and hundreds of other things. All steal your time and lessen your ability to think and behavior rationally. We certainly live in a world of chaos and the noise seems to increase by the day. If you are not careful you can find yourself spinning like a top.

What separates the great leaders from the good is that they have a way of managing the craziness. They have an ability for placing things in to context and to prioritize those things. I call it mastering controlled chaos.

Take a moment and think how you react to new developments? How would you grade yourself? Do you stop to place the issue in context or over or under react? Do you prioritize or allow the latest emerging issue to steal your focus?

Make sure moving forward that you pause, study the situation presented and only after thoughtful consideration move forward. Seek input. Remember that you don’t need to have all the answers. Always try to place things in perspective and don’t over or under react.

All these things will help you in your efforts to attain controlled chaos in your life.


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