IMG_0137Courage in life and business is an essential component that separates the great from the good and also rans. Having the courage to take on challenges and find new ways to win often times through a difficult path is clearly important.

However, the courage I am talking about in this instance is one level deeper than this, it is about a stronger element; it’s about internal courage. Have you the courage to stand up and fight for the things that are important to you even in the face of fierce confrontation and limited initial support or do you sell out for safety? I speak from firsthand experience that my biggest successes have occurred from situations where the outcome was not clearly seen by the majority and I had the internal courage to face head on.

In those moments do you melt like an ice cream cone in the afternoon sun or do you remain composed, focused, convicted and rational about your beliefs? Do you have internal fortitude and courage to defend your position and convert doubters. That’s the courage that will separate you. Take a few moments and lost out what you believe in and then put together a plan to make it happen.



* Original posting on LinkedIn

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