From my vantage point we are not just allowing diminishing expectations to take root. We are actually shepherding in the decline like a protected, endangered species and going out of our ways in many instances to prop up underperformance. The aftermath of which is starting to have negative consequences on our most precise commodity; our future potential.

In recent times we have allowed the social justice warriors to wage war on all manner of subjects. It seems that no one is ignored and that everyone has the potential to be a victim. Point to a problem and they’ll show you who is to blame. The operative point here is that it is always someone else’s fault. In a lot of the cases a mirror would be a better tool to identify the problem.

For example we are allowed to scream about inequality but we are not talking honestly about education. After a safe environment to live, getting an education is the one number personal goal. Why are we not up in arms about our failing education system?

In today’s award for participation culture we are not differentiating between winners and trying. You don’t win things for trying. That should be expected. Anything less is not setting people up for success. Can you imagine the shock of a newly minted employee when they are not congratulated for turning up for work?

We demand healthcare for all, regardless of expense but we do not place any personal responsibility on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We now are criticized for fat shaming if a persons choices are dared to be questioned. Personal responsibility is essential.

We read articles how everyone should be given a chance to succeed but it’s okay if you can not speak English. It is not okay and actually puts millions of people at risk.

Just this week Purdue University states that the word “man” should be stricken from your lexicon and if we were honest how many conversations have we had recently where we were told that we can not use certain words? It has reached the point of absurdity and we must say enough.

In business, we have to make sure that we are holding ourselves and our teams accountable and personally responsible. Play time is over and we have entered a serious part of life that the education phase is ever increasingly failing. It’s not okay to be uneducated, misinformed, lazy, have a negative attitude or not be able to effectively communicate. It is equally unacceptable to push view points that simply weaken our competitiveness and allow for underperformance. Neither of the above will set up anyone for success.

We have to make sure that social warriors for the concerned are not allowed to take root any further and infect our future prosperity. We need to reward, promote and develop talent that is in the game.

It is time to put a stop to diminishing expectations and make it a new day for personal accountability that delivers a brighter, healthier and more prosperous future for all. My feeling is a safe zone is a zone that is a performing zone and not one that allows for underperformed to flourish.

Please pass this on a help make this a reality.


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