In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey we saw the innate good of people as the country, the government and others around the world rallied to offer assistance and help. Unfortunately, we also witnessed the dark side of humanity. Reports came in that severe price gorging was taking place. In one instance a convenience store operator was selling a pack of bottled water for ninety nine dollars and in other instances gas at almost ten dollars a gallon.  Just think of it, people fleeing to safety and encounter this type of behavior.

I like the quote that you should never let a crisis go by but never would I think to take advantage of the distressed.

As leaders we have a responsibility to set the tone and standard for others to follow. We live in a free world and people do have the right to choose but that works both ways.

When we see such outrageous actions we have a choice to do business with people who support our way of living and also choose to not buy from companies that take advantage of others.

Always strive to do the right thing even when people are not watching and you will be on the right path to succeed.


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