The “don’t rush to judgement” trait is becoming increasingly important, especially in the heat of the moment when it takes strong conviction and an even stronger backbone to not rush to judgement. At times the masses will be clamoring for punishment to be metered out. The assaults can be brutal, dishonest and all-out. When the world is spinning out of control you must slow things down and try your best to suppress the urge to rush to judgement.

Just to be clear, anyone abusing others, intimidating others, or using predatory practices should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. However the incessant clamoring to #boycott a brand or person must not be supported until all the facts are in and the final judgement is delivered. Facts and not rhetoric must determine appropriate actions.

Think about how you react when you receive an update? Do you rush to judgement or do you seek to get all the information prior to making a determination? Effective leaders at times take unpopular steps and decisions to insure that getting to the bottom of the situation and finding the real truth and not the convenient truth is found. If you do this then you will be a better leader.


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