One of my biggest disappointments is that I have not celebrated where I was throughout my life’s journey.

From a very early age I was obsessed with running my own business. This was a long time before I even knew what a CEO was. Others loved music and clubbing. I loved learning about business.

I wanted to run companies. To be the best. From my teen years onwards I was in pursuit of this singular goal. Awards, promotions and accolades meant very little to me. A wanted the ultimate prize or nothing.

I was driven everyday and a lot of the pleasure was lost in this desire. If I was giving an inspiring manager advice it would be to celebrate “your” moments. Yes, set goals but not at the exclusion of enjoying life along the way. The most important thing is that you embrace wholeheartedly where you are in the moment and make the most of that time. The future will arrive soon enough. I must have heard this phase a thousand times and looking back it is so true ” do not forget to stop and smell the roses”.

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