Freedom of thought is more at risk than ever before. Everywhere we turn we are being bombarded with special interest concerns that oftentimes morph out of control. The fact is if you embrace an ideology there is no room for nuance or disagreement. Alarmingly the punishment is not only to be fired but to be actually physically attacked.

This week I was sickened to see a widower of a fallen NYPD officer who gave his life aiding others in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack being screamed at by an ugly mob in Portland. “I’m glad your husband was killed” and worse are not the words this woman should ever have heard screamed at her by an angry young man, a person who is actually enjoying the benefits of the sacrifice that so many have made.

As business leaders this is just one instance of how we need to set an example and bring an end to such vile behavior. We need to take a stand and simply state ENOUGH! . No one in our organizations should condone such behavior. We should no longer tolerate hatred to breed this way. After all, the vast majority of citizens are employed and therefore companies have the largest potential to shape a positive agenda. This is not an issue for the government to solve. We ourselves can solve this.



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