Thought of the Week – Focus Wins

This week I was meeting with an exceptionally talented inventor. The conversations on a whole were stimulating. The ideas were endless and the passion was fantastic. This young man had everything going for him.

The issue is that he had literally everything going for him. He was focused on everything with the same level of intensity. There was no focus. Everything was muddled together providing zero clarity and actually causing major confusion.

After around an hour of probing questions we were able to prioritize the important from the nice to do’s. Within a morning session we were able to define the game plan for the next year and capture succinctly the priorities and the subsequent deliverables to define success. We focused on five things and I repeatedly challenged with this statement “You can not boil the ocean. Is this a must have?”

The thought for us all is that we have to define what is important and then focus relentlessly on making those “sometimes” become all encompassing in our thoughts and actions.

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