We are in the middle of the world’s largest shutdown ever. World wars have not achieved what this coronavirus has done and in a matter of mere weeks.

So with the world in forced shutdown is it a surprise that the economy is therefore in decline? Are we really shocked when we force the closure of all non essential places of work that millions would become temporarily unemployed?

My thought of the week is that we need to get real. Our actions had consequences. Do we really need breathless reports about the state of the economy? We need to flatten the media hysteria curve.

Why are we even entertaining comparing the Great Depression which was an economic driven event to today’s health scare generated event? Rather, should we not acknowledge that the curtailing of the world as we know it was really self induced on safety concerns?

People are hurting. My friends, family and company is hurting. No one is inoculated from this misery and that is why the quicker we all adhere to the social distancing practices, accelerate testing and finding a cure the quicker we can figure out a practical solution to reopen the world’s economy. Our politicians would be best served to come together as one and work to pull us all through this crisis.


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