One of the harshest lessons in my life is to not allow winning to be all consuming. To allow your competitive nature to overcome your thoughts and actions. It is true winning begets winning but you have to guard against losing perspective, losing judgement and most of all losing your soul in the process.

You have to guard against the thrill of the win, the taste the victory being needed to make you feel all is right in the world. In a sense, it is no different than an alcoholic wanting a drink or searching for that next high of a drug addict.

The lesson for me that I temporarily lost was keeping things in perspective. Balance was needed and I lost my ability to provide it.

I want you to learn through my experiences and I offer the following:

1- Get your sleep. Operating on less than seven to eight hours of sleep is not a badge of honor rather a sign of an impeding disaster.

2- Exercise 5-6 days a week and I don ‘t mean the type where you can read a magazine or paper while going through the motions. Truly exercise your body and push yourself to hit personal bests. Sweat and sweat hard.

3- Eat Well. Spend time understanding the needs of your body and fuel it with goodness not junk food. Have snacks at your desk so you can eat healthily throughout the day.

4- Unplug every night and weekends. You are not a slave to your pda. Demonstrate who is in charge. Turn it off.

5- Limit your travel to no more than 50 percent of your schedule. Burn out is around the corner if it becomes more. Hold your team to the same standard.

6- Finally, limit your alcohol intake. i find the more obsessed I became to win the more I would cut the corners of the first 5 points above and partake more in #6.

For an aspiring leader or current leader it be mindful that Business is a marathon and not a sprint. Don’t commit career suicide by burning out or allowing your blind spots to put you in a position where your failure is a certainty.




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