Right now in our lives honesty matters more than ever. If you watch the news on any given day it is difficult to distinguish the truth from fiction. We see our political leaders vehemently argue that their version of the truth is the accurate one while the opposition screams from the top of their lungs that of course their version of the truth is obviously the truth. How can we allow this to continue? We need to hold both leaders and the news media accountable for what they are saying. You can have your opinion but it is unacceptable to have your own version of the facts.

It is important in life and business to be honest. If we do not get the unvarnished truth without all of the exaggerations, wild accusations and sensationalism how can we expect to make informed and balanced decisions?

This is a key learning for us in the business world. Get the accurate facts no matter your beliefs or political flavor of choice. We don’t need hype, panic or hysteria. We also do not need lies, denial or head in the sand mentality. Instead be balanced. Be open minded and do not hype or distort reality to serve a hidden agenda. Clear eyed, identify the problems and develop plans to resolve them in a no nonsense, drama free environment.

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