The totally unacceptable should never become the acceptable. You need to instill a code of ethics, of conduct that is never pierced by systemic or single bad practices that go unchecked. You have to make sure that your culture is such that you are all doing the right things when you know no one is looking and swiftly addressing issues that do surface. Hiding issues is never the best solution, exposing to daylight is the best medicine and make for the best path forward.

In our world today we frequently hear about leaders that demonstrate a lack of integrity or any sense of honor. Even when caught doing wrong many of these leaders simply deny wrongdoing and continue with business as usual. The time has come for us to say “enough”. Just because we might hear “that’s how it has always been done” or “look what that person did or said” it doesn’t mean that underhanded or wrong actions should be tolerated and allowed to continue. There are many truly honorable people out there. We must demand honorable actions from everyone and not settle for less.

We all make mistakes and do bone headed things but I am not talking about those missteps. I am talking about dishonorable practices that allow others to harm or be harmed.

Make a practice of doing the right thing even when people are not watching and you will be on the right track. Bring honor in to your everyday practices.


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