The more I look around, the more I see people anxious, upset or depressed. We live in a world where have never been more connected and at a time where we have never seemingly been more alone. Check it out yourself the next time you walk in to any restaurant, travel through an airport or have a coffee at Starbucks. If there are several people together, you can be assured that they are communicating via their pda instead of the person they are with. It is a blessing and a curse of living in our connected world.

Simultaneously, new success stories emerge, endless glamour pics stream in 24/7 on our very own personal viewing screen. And it comes day after day with no interruption. It has the debilitating ability to make us feel small if we allow it and we do.

It appears that our barometer for personal success, due to our ability to connect globally in the blink of an eye has rapidly changed in the last decade. It appears that if you are not a billionaire, have twenty million followers on instagram or have your own reality show you simply view yourself as an utter failure.

I suggest a counter barometer for success.

Care first about yourself and not what others think of you. Stand for things you hold dear. If you are no good to yourself than you can not help others. It’s about how you feel about yourself and not how many followers you have. I mean this; Love yourself not just like yourself. It’s about being a good person, that you live a real life and not what you think others think is success. Be a force for good. Love life, help others, work hard and you will have true success. That would be a good barometer to measure ones success.

I used this to help me reboot. It was refreshing. Hope this helps you as well. Please pass on to your network.


Ps- Thanks to Tom Dippre, President at Selective Restaurant Recruiters for the quote.

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