Earlier in my business career I was introduced to the concept of bigger, fewer, better and have tried to honor that line of thinking in life.

From my perspective it is impossible to try and do everything or see everything but then came along FOMO; the fear of missing out syndrome that encourages never missing out and actually plants a seed in your mind that every moment of every day we are missing out. To me that is like keeping up with Jones’s thinking and leads to unhappiness and fosters anxiety. It creates activity but no focus. It also fuels the insistent need to always be connected.

So, my thought of the week is I’m getting back to my bigger, fewer, better mindset and celebrating JOMO; the Joy Of Missing Out. It’s okay to not do everything or be everything. Focus on the things that make you and your company special. Be authentic. Be happy in what you are and not on what others are doing. I hope you can celebrate JOMO as well.


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