Thought of the Week- Keeping the Plates Spinning

Our lives are hectic. Challenges pop up by the hour and out of nowhere. Priorities pile up and time crunches intensify with veracity, frequency and significance.

The challenge we face as leaders and in life is a simple but at the same time a multi complex one. How do we keep all the plates spinning while making stress levels manageable and life productive?

The most important thing that we all need to recognize is that we can not do everything by ourselves. As the saying goes; it takes a village to raise a child. The same can be said about running a business.

We need a motivated, aligned and energized team. To do this delegation is critical. It is one of our biggest and most important lessons. We need others to be empowered to be able to help keep all plates spinning to a fruitful landing.

Moving forward, make sure that you are always enlisting help and not trying a solo act. Make plate spinning your best team sport. It will serve you well.

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