This week I caught a segment on tv where the commenters were discussing a recent Serena Williams tweet. You could be reading this thinking what this has to do with business.

From my perspective, everything. First, Is Serena being targeted? I think so and what is the crime because she is so dominate and in the running for the greatest of all time. On a minute basis we see companies being targeted for not supporting some wedge issue.

Second, it also underscores the jaundice that is prevalent and damaging. The commentators when asked if they would be shocked if Serena failed a drug test, the response was weighted to not being shocked. You could argue that after all the doping and other infractions that have surfaced over the years that would be fair.

However, It underscores society’s problem that we are so quick to rush to judgement to believe in the negative. To paraphrase Mark Twain, a lie travels the globe twice while the truth is still waking up.

As leaders, my thought of the week is that we do not allow our default position to believe in the worst of people. We need to flip that and believe in the good.

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