Barely an hour goes by without being bombarded with rage. Not just a little rant but a full blown battle cry leveled against the labeled offender. It seems that no issue is too small to warrant a Def Con One movement to be launched. Differing opinions are seemingly no longer tolerated and oftentimes ridiculed despite a paucity of evidence to support the claim.

Clearly if sinful wrongs are being carried out then protest is justified. However, if you take a moment and explore some of the obsessively ridiculous vile that is being thrown around today then it should give us all pause for thought and reconsideration.

Hatred is leveled against someone all to frequently. The issues are diverse and also growing by the moment. Who we vote for, who we support, which companies we purchase products from or even which media programs we prefer seem to be grounds for hatred. Company boycotts are becoming the standard calling card for anyone who simply holds a different opinion.

My thought of the week is for us all to have a lot less rage and a lot more reality. No legally operating company should be boycotted. Simply, if you don’t like a particular company or their stance, don’t make drama, don’t allow yourself to become enmeshed in the mobs’ frenzied Pavlovian response. Do the sane and rational thing; don’t purchase their wares. It is your right to choose, just don’t force it on others to follow you.

We should encourage everyone to have their own thoughts and that those thoughts should be respected and never ridiculed. The alternative is to live in an echo chamber where differing views are outlawed and group think and the mob rule mentality becomes the norm. I hope that is a world we don’t advocate for or allow to take further root.


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