My thought is that In every adversity we ever face we can never lose if we learn from the experience.

During the recent crisis we have seen our previous norms challenged. Whole manufacturing plants have achieved in weeks what had previously taken several months or even years. The same is true in many other industries.

My thought of the week is that as business leaders we need to do a deep dive on our business. The prevailing thought is that there is going to be an increase in the number of companies filing for bankruptcy with once venerable brands emerging vulnerable. Our very survival and livelihoods are at stake. That may sound dramatic but it is true.

Constructively challenging how we operate is more essential than ever; is there a faster, better and more productive way of doing things? Every line of the p&l must be put under the microscope. Nothing should be off limits. Sitting on our hands and doing nothing should not be tolerated and comes with a serious health warning.

The goal is to cut our own red tape and find creative and better ways of doing business and to re-emerge more successful. Now that’s a beautiful goal but vital as our very existence is at stake. Learn Forward.


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