Our thoughts shape our actions and state of mind. Therefore the power of positive thinking should never be underestimated or underused. The following quote from Eleanor Roosevelt underscores the importance of positive thinking, “one thing I believe profoundly: we make our own history.”

Conditioning your mind like we do the body with exercise and diet is essential in setting you up for success. We all have to work to keep negative thoughts from shaping our thoughts and pulling us down. Instead feed your mind with positive thoughts and see how it nourishes you and others around you.

Moving forward, try waking up every morning and starting your day off by looking in to the mirror and confidently reciting “life’s about to get great” and while you are at it thanking the people who are positive forces in your life. Take this thinking in to your work life and see how you are in charge of creating your history. More importantly you see the good in your life more clearly and you feel good in the process. Then go confidently and create your own history.


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