Think about your life? Are you exhausted and in this instance, I am not talking about physical exhaustion? Are you mentally exhausted, worn out? Everyday, we are confronted with a rapid diet of conflict and hatred in our lives. It is tragic the level of animosity spewed out on social media. We have talking heads on TV daily offended by any word seemingly being muttered by others. The level of open hostility and incivility we show others is at a dangerously high point. While we should always fight to protect those who can not support themselves it is vital that we do not lose ourselves to hysteria.

It seems that hypocrisy has no bounds. However while we live in a era of mental exhaustion, all is not lost, as we can still take back control. The most important thing to realize is that you control your thoughts and actions. We can simply not react to everything that we don’t agree with. In fact, it is vital to recognize that there’s a difference between what offends you and what actually affects you.

So, the #1 thing that can allow you to keep your cool when everyone around you is losing theirs is to live by this mantra; “if you have nothing to say good about someone or a situation, don’t say anything”

Challenge yourself to live by this and see the positive impact it will have on your life and those you interact with. It is simply not productive to let everything offend you or feel that everything needs your opinion.


Des Hague
Chief Executive Officer
The privacy protected search engine

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