Success is an awesome feeling but it can also be the precursor to the setting in of what I think is the number one business and idea killer; complacency.

From my perspective when a company is performing at its best that is the time the business is more at risk of complacency creep. When you have worked hard and achieved goals, instinctively you have a tendency to relax and take it easier. Decisions are made to protect what we have created and not to continue to recreate. It is hard to disrupt what you have created and it is why so many businesses are not able to morph.

To safeguard against this and maintain momentum I would suggest that you set up three year goals and review yearly. Once completed move on with the mindset of ” nice work, now what’s next” This way you are continuously thinking about moving the business forward and not letting complacency set in or allowing yourself to live on past accomplishments. Keep your edge by maintaining momentum.


*first published on LinkedIn

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