IMG_1391As we go through life we all experience many ups and downs. The trick is to keep things in perspective and to maintain an even keel in both the good and the bad times. One success does not make you and one failure does not break you.

Just pause for a moment and look back at your highs and lows. If you are like me, then oftentimes we recall the bad things first. And especially the people we perceive to have done us wrong.

My thought for this week is that we make peace with these people who have done us perceived or real harm. Carrying anger and hatred towards others is unhealthy. Worse still is that we have moved on and most likely will never meet these people again. Why allow them to continue to have an impact on us? Don’t allow them to eat away at your soul. Instead, do something you never thought possible; forgive them. It does not mean you will forget what they have done but turn that experience in to a positive learning. You will be stronger and better for it.

Take this week and make peace with those who have hurt you and move on. This is not an easy move, it has taken me over three years but as I put this in to practice I feel a sense of internal peace and freedom from anger. I hope you will as well.


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