In our fast paced environment we live in it is easy to let yourself get worked up and unnecessarily offended.

This week while traveling i saw this ugliness at work several times. At the airport the person checking in front of me was ranting as if the world had ended. The upshot was that the mans TSA number had not been added to his flight itinerary. When did this become the airlines issue? Surely relaxing and taking a deep breath would have helped this individual.

Next up, occurred as I got to my hotel. I was checking in when another man just decided he had right of passage and decided that the receptionist was his personal concercoge and wanted it known that his room key was not working and how unhappy he was. We have all had this happen and it is annoying but does it raise to the level of a meltdown. I think not, we need to relax.

And finally when traveling back from this past week while being on the road I was cut off by a reckless driver forcing me to break hard. I had myself getting angry and then realized that it is not worth my anger and relaxed.

We would all be better if we paused and relaxed. That we do not allow ourselves to get so worked up by the small stuff. Instead work on building our inner peace and being more in control of ourself at all times and not letting others actions throw us off balance. Relax and life will be better. Think about how you handle situations like the above and of course incidents that boil up in your work life?


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