I was speaking with Michael Caruso, a colleague, this morning about the big things that impact a company. A recurring theme was how easy are you to do business with?

Have you ever tried to buy a product on line only to be bitterly disappointed with the experience? Michael retold his experience when he tried to buy a book for his Nook, while overseas serving overseas, no less than 2 dozen times only to be rejected because there was a 99 cent outstanding balance which somehow couldn’t be resolved online. The impact to the organization is quantifiable and veriable. From Jul 2013 to now the stock droped almost 50%. Business’s who make their customer struggle to business with them will ultimately struggle to be profitable.

The even bigger realization is that if this is prevalent in the companies you deal with why would they not exist in your company?

Therefore, take a deep dive of your company. Are your protocols making it easy for people to do business with you? And don’t take a simple “yes” as enough. Find your blind spots and ways for people rave about your service.


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